Hot Water Treatment Plant

Approved (HWT Plant) by International Quarantines

  • Our Fresh Mango Hot Water Treatment Plant has approved by international
  • Quarantine departments of following Importing Countries (Europe, USA & Iran)
  • However approved from Australian Quarantine is in Process.
  • The Company has been also approved for the export to USA.


Rishad Mateen & CO has the largest hot water treatment plant of south Asia which process mangoes 10 tons per hour according to the standard of USDA. RMC hot water treatment has various advantages. It can postpone ripening and control rotting and fruit flies’ attacks. Hot water treatment can be connected as dry hot air damp hot air or as boiling water. In RMC hot water treatment facility, high temp water is usually utilized to sanitize mango from fruit flies.

Mangoes rotting control is refined with a satisfactory pre-harvest and it is an incorporated program.  Cautious treatment of the organic product, evacuation of mechanically harmed, fast cooling, support of low (ideal) temperature and upkeep of clean conditions are basic for rotting control of mangoes.