About Us

Rishad Mateen & Company, the exporters of fresh fruits and vegetables from Pakistan take pride in describing briefly the success story of their organization even since its inception in 1996. Our company collects and distributes products through experienced post harvest faculties owned. The focus of these operations is efficiency, price, competitiveness and Quality.
Rishad Mateen & Company products are graded to meet international standards, are pure free from added preservatives. We give special care to hygienic packing and sealing to ensure long shelf life. Consistency, quality and value during each growing season is what you should expect from your supplier.
Specializes in the exports of MANGO and FRESH VEGETABLES and are constantly engaged in the business having covered sizeable market share in Middle East, Far East and Europe.
Exports to above all the said destination has turned into a source of success and profitable business for our counterparts abroad. Our fresh fruits are widely accepted and appreciated for its freshiness and taste at all the markets where ever it has been introduced.