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We manufacture and supply a multitude of products which range from farm produce to electrical devices. Our products are much in demand all around the world due to their superior quality and find multifarious applications in both residential and commercial concerns. Our product range includes:


The rich flavor of sindhry mangoes is savored all over the world. The mangoes supplied by us retain their extraordinary flavor due to the excellent picking and packaging techniques employed by us. We ensure that the fruits are delivered to our clients in their most perfect and fresh condition.

The Anwar Retol supplied by us are hand picked at the optimum time when the freshness of the fruits can be retained till they are delivered to consumers. They are packaged in boxes which prevent damage to the mangoes in transit. The amazing flavor of the mangoes is maintained in all its richness till the point of consumption.

Grown in rich soiled of Pakistan, this mango is small-medium and is elongated in shape with yellow fruit colour. The flesh of this mango is fibreless and is mainly used for table purpose.

This badami mango is also sweet in taste and can be consumed raw as well as can also be used for making mango shakes. This mango retains its freshness till longer durations and also tastes best when cooled.

We offer dohsari mango which is well grown and procured. This mango is large in size and oblong shaped with pointed base and golden yellow color. This mango is used for processing and is also widely used for preparing of mango shakes.

The langra mango is medium and ovate in shape with lettuce green colour. Their skin is very thin and pulp is very sweet. This mango is mostly used for table purpose.

Soroli mangoes are comfort food. A mango not only satisfy your taste buds but also fulfills your appetite! Beyond being delicious and rich in vitamins, minerals and Anti-Oxidants, mangoes contain an enzyme with stomach soothing properties to papain found in papayas. It also provides vigour, which is why it was so popular among Mughal Emperors and their subordinate nobles.

Fajri Mango both in its green and ripe form is a very good tenderizing agent and therefore ideal to include in any marinade. In Pakistan they use a sour mango powder containing ground up green mangoes called Achar, both as a seasoning and tenderizing aid.
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